Why the BAFC is not a Charity

Although our club provides charitable donations to worthy individual cases and causes, the BAFC is a members club, it is not a charity.

The reason for this choice is threefold:

1. Our members have decided the status of our club

2. The club does not have a board of directors or trustees but an elected committee who are all volunteers and who receive no remuneration. Expenses for travel and accommodation in support of club business is not reimbursed.

3. Our members prefer to have the flexibility to target assistance to those in need quickly and without a time restraining regulatory obligation to convene meetings of Trustees to approve funding for projects. All projects are approved by online polling by our members.

The BAFC is tightly controlled by the club’s constitution and the committee have only limited discretion in the use of club funds. The club’s accounts are made up at the end of each month by the Treasurer and posted to the club’s website for scrutiny by the members. The club Chairman is solely responsible for the club’s funds and its accounting.

The BAFC has no plans to become a charity because the committee and members firmly believe that charitable status would impede the purpose and flexibility of the club. The committee and its members believe the forces and ex forces charity sector is currently well supported and we do not believe that we could achieve any advantage or fill any current gap. We do believe that we currently have the ability to target and assist charities successfully within our current status.