How to become a member of the BAFC

Fundamental Requirements for Membership:

You must have passed both UK ABF P Coy and your Basic Para Course (BPC), if you can remember the dates of your course that will be useful within the verification process.

You must have served with HM Forces: The Parachute Regiment, Airborne Units of Support Arms within 16 Para Bde/5 AB Bde/16 AA Bde or Badged SAS.  This does not include units or sub-units of The Royal Marines, Royal Navy or RAF.

The decision to grant or not grant membership of the club is at the discretion of the Membership Officer or the Committee following a review of an application and supporting evidence.  The decision of the committee is final.


Information Essential to Assist your Application:

Service Number

Dates Served


PRA Number

Sponsors (Those that can verify your service in any AB unit in conjunction with Passing P Coy and BPC)

You may complete our online Application for Verification  by clicking the button below

Upon your successful application, you will be sent an email confirming your membership and details of how to pay your annual subscription.  We require that all members download and use the standing order form thereafter provided within the link of the confirmation email.

If you have problems or questions about completing this application please contact our Membership Officer, Don Stewart (