Grey haired Army General walks inta the hotel bar, sits next to a cute bit o young tash, thi hit it off n gerron like a house on fire.
Tash asks, "Pardon me for being forward, but when was the last time you had sex?"
"Oh", replies the General, "Let me think", n scratchin iz crust sez, "Must be about 1950 I reckon."
Tash sez , "Such a long time, but I,m sure you still know what to do, I love a man in uniform, fancy coming up to my room and I,ll refresh your memory."
So thi gu back ta er room, undress, dive inta feather n the owd General giz er a reight gud fukkin n sucks er nipples sore.
"Wow!" sez the tash, "That was incredible, I would,nt have thought that you have never had sex since 1950!"
"I should jolly well think not", sez the General, "Because now it,s only fukkin 21.30!"