Not really a joke but I thought a very amusing story:-
Geezer on the London underground was stopped by a young snowflake spewdent givin out leaflets that read, "Think about the Children of Syria".
Fukked er off but saw her next target being collared. A sweet little old lady who was stopped by sed tash spewdent, usual stud thru snek n lips n covered in tattoos. Little sweet old lady looked at her and softly replied, "Young Lady, kindly take your hand off my shoulder, it,s not very polite. Also, let me tell you that one of my grandfathers was killed on the Somme. My father was killed on "D" Day and his younger brother killed in the Korean War. Sadly in more recent times, one of my Grandsons was killed while,st serving in Aghanistan. Now, I like to think that all their sacrifice was not in vain and their efforts allowed free speech for ALL, and people like you and your friends can stop people like me and express their views." She then went on to gently say, "Now if you don,t fukk off, I will stick this umbrella right up your arse and open it!" Leaving the young spewdent gob smacked, the sweet little old lady bimbled on her way!