Sat in a Cafe this morning gandering at all the Soft and Warms when I suddenly realised one thing.
Women ........ do not wear skirts and dresses anymore. Not at all. Aint seen a women in a skirt or a frock in a long long time. All around me hundreds of women walking by, not one bit of leg. All dressed in black brown or denim trousers and jeans.
They all look like fookin' blokes. Navvies.... They look like they belong on a building site. Short hair. Ankle high boots. Baggy tee shirts.... even down to the tattoos they cover their arms with. Mostly overweight they young ones I mean.
Two of them fookin' and blinding a table away, they even sound like navvies. Nothing feminine about them at all in any way shape or form. Oh there are exceptions but mostly they are not anything like the beauties we had to play with... and for.
How do these young blokes get a lob on for these specimens ? I feel sorry for a young bloke today. He has no idea how good it could be for messing with these munters....
Anyway I asked this waitress who I have know a long time. She said its the Feminist Movement. It put us in competion with men. We are in the "Strong Woman Era".
WTF ? World has gone daft.