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Thread: The men of Arnhem

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    The men of Arnhem

    Picked this up:

    We thank them all
    White gravestones - hundreds - row by row
    silently on parade. Reminders of the deathly show
    of war and hate. Of duty done
    A soldier resting beneath each stone.

    Our hearts grow heavy with untold sorrow
    for those young men - without tomorrow
    our minds and souls are equally sore
    for these young men - that are no more

    We walk along a lawn so green
    with veterans - telling what they have seen
    of war and battle and fearful strife
    that cost these men their youthful life

    A stone with a badge. A name, a date
    burried here, brothers, friends and mates
    They fought their battles to free us all
    till the bugle sounded their last call

    We stand and listen to that silent sound
    that seems to come from all around
    With bowed heads we hear that call
    with grieving hearts we thank them all.
    Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam
    A Great Civilization is not Conquered from without
    Until it has destroyed itself from within

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    Re: The men of Arnhem

    Nice one John. We will remember them!

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    Re: The men of Arnhem

    Airborne Warriors never forgotten.

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