Cowdall Rd. Braunstone ,Leicester.
VE day May 1945.

O youth those tender years have gone
I’m ageing now it seems so long
since kids played hop scotch in the street
ran to Mr’s Moore’s for sweets

When building dens was all the rage
bonfires set the green ablaze
winter warmers whirl, crash
hurled by kids who’d watch them smash

In gardens street or anywhere
not a thought nary a care
then Glad Ashley’s strident voice
“Sorry Glad it’s Hobson’s choice”

Winters cold begins to clear
I feel the warmth of summers cheer
Marlene Bishop sets her stall
selling things to one and all

Its party time, what a treat!
tables stretching down the street
Hitlers lost that awful war
I wonder what he started for?

Some days the street was quiet, bare,
I guess the’ve gone the summer fair
Braunny spinney I then would roam
birds nesting for an hour alone

Just a glimpse of days gone by
when skylarks twittered in the sky
those youthful days I sadly miss
occasionally when I reminisce.
JB -clik