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    The Fandance is the primary event of The British Airborne Forces Club. This event is spread out over a weekend in May. It takes place in Brecon , South Wales. Where the club takes over the local hotels and B&Bs.

    The weekend starts on the Friday, where after comrades have booked into their accommodation. They then meet up at the Brecon Rugby Club (previously the Blue Boar (for the old ones)) for drinks. There old friendships are renewed and old stories exchanged. In some case's comrades have not seen each other for decades, in others it has only been since the last Fandance.

    On the Saturday morning the club RVs at the lay-by, south of the Storey Arms on the A470, about 8 miles from Brecon, where at 09:00hrs they ascend Pen Y Fan by the relatively gentle route. Those who are unable for one reason or another to make the ascent, man the base camp. A few words to all those who fell in battle are said in prayer and sometimes ashes are scattered from the peak. After everyone has been counted back off the Fan everyone assembles in the wood and places crosses representing the lads who gave their lives since the last Fandance.

    Then it is back to the billets for a s**t, shower, and shampoo ready for the upcoming activites. In the afternoon the British Airborne Forces Club AGM takes place. It is here where the members elect the Head sheds as well as discussing and voting on activities for the forthcoming 12 months. Members also renew their membership. Following the AGM the members disperse to make themselves pretty for the evening do.

    The Saturday evening event kicks off at 19:00hrs. During the evening money is raised to help run the club and maintain the website. Monies are also raised for worthy causes, including airborne colleagues who have fallen on hard times, who may need our help. There is a raffle as well as an auction (where airborne memorabilia make's up the majority of the lots) and bidding can get very competitive. So as well as having a great night, money is also raised. All from the generosity of the airborne fraternity, so the good work of the club can continue for another year.

    Sunday morning is hangover time, and after a suitable period of time to allow for the alcohol to dissipate. The British Airborne Forces Club members take one last look at the Brecon Beacons, before saying their goodbyes. With the promise of coming back next year, for another "Fan Dance".