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Good Reading Material

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Just reading a good book by Mark Urban called, Task Force Black.
Its a true story about the secret war by the SAS in Iraq.

He has also written a few other books about the SAS, One is called Big Boys Rules,it is about secret struggles against the IRA.

Anyone else got any tips for good reading material?

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  1. stephenfrank's Avatar
    Read about 10 Ken Bruen books in the last few months, really easy reading, he does'nt waste a word. About an Irish ex garda, private detective, who spends most of his time boozing and getting beaten up.
  2. bob9739's Avatar
    Rab, Try Sir Ran Fienns, book titled Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, tell you what mate if anyone thinks they are to old to try anything new just read this book. Another which you may have already read as it has been out quite a while, is Michael Asher's Shoot to Kill, covers NI.