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Nostalgic smells

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I was taking the dog for a walk the other day and noticed how much time the take sniffing. Apparently they can tell who past that way how big they are and if they are on heat. I pondered that would be great if we could do that!

Then I recalled when we were in Palace barracks and they were redecorating the block (a grenade in a tin of paint) we were made to squeeze into one room. The only way to achieve this was to have the beds a bedside locker apart and the lockers at the bottom of the beds and elsewhere. I remember Billy Meikle had boxed himself in the left hand corner all you could hear was the tunes of an Hamish Imlac record and in the top right was Andy Warner and Terry Murray in the swamp, any how being a crow I had a bed on the left hand at the front side next to Tiny Motum.

Well anyway the thing is the easiest way to get from the front to the back was to walk on the beds. Which was a challenge when sober but impossible when they were pissed and if they fell on you, you had to (after 2 mins of simulated sex) push them off.

What was I talking about? oh yeah smells well you could tell how many and who was in that room well before you got there by the smells wafting down the landing. Although once in there making your contribution you discovered it did not smell at all.

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  1. stephenfrank's Avatar
    My wife often comments upon my lack of smelling ability, she will say 'i can smell a dead mouse' and i can't smell anything. Sure living in a room with toms, kills yer sense of smell ( by neccessity)
  2. billy meikle's Avatar
    i remember that well eric aye great days indeed