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    Falling Out of the Family Tree

    In1581, Sir Walter Raleigh the great British explorer, observed Queen Elizabeth the 1st walking towards him. He noticed that there was a small puddle of water in her way, he immediately took off his cloak and threw it over the puddle, thereby ensuring that the royal socks did not get wet. Now, this story tells us two things about Sir Walt ,firstly he was one of the biggest crawlers in history and secondly he was not the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer, ...

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  2. Afghanistan War Art. Pete Elcock

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    186 pages with over three hundred images taken at Kandahar Airbase(KAF). I started the project in May 2010 and for the next 30 months I was able to visit most of the NATO compounds and record the Art work completed by the troops and contractors.

    This Book One is my first effort. It will be support various Military Charities that I have been involved with for the last few years.
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    Thinking Strange Thoughts

    When I was a young lad I joined the Cubs, this was in England but I’m sure you had them here as well. I loved it, we would wear a smart uniform and march around singing songs, it was very much like the Hitler Youth but we were not required to dob anybody in. Funnily enough years later I joined the army so I obviously like uniforms, being in the Cubs is very similar to being in the army except you rarely get shot at in the Cubs. ...

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  4. Poll, to help a sick ex Airborne Soldier

    More than happy for help to be given,hope everything works out for him.
  5. Rugby

    Apart from watching the Australian No5 using foul play(ANIMAL) in the Lions game,any idea how England got on in the junior cup final V Wales?
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