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  1. Nostalgic smells

    I was taking the dog for a walk the other day and noticed how much time the take sniffing. Apparently they can tell who past that way how big they are and if they are on heat. I pondered that would be great if we could do that!

    Then I recalled when we were in Palace barracks and they were redecorating the block (a grenade in a tin of paint) we were made to squeeze into one room. The only way to achieve this was to have the beds a bedside locker apart and the lockers at the bottom of ...
  2. My Fan Dance 2012 part 1 of 2

    This is how I saw the events take place from Friday to Sunday. It starts off with me being the weekends duty driver for Phil Probets, Willie Atkins and Paul Read.

    Sit rep- Friday 11th 0900hrs-PP arrived at my place inOxford, quick cup of tea then waited for Willie to come down for around 1000hrsthen onto Reading to pick up Paul R, then onto Ross On Wye for lunch.

    0945hrs- Spoke to Willie and he asked that we meet at hislads location at 1015hrs, arrived to secure the RV, Willie ...
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