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  1. Christmas

    Must do it now because (a) I remember and (b) I'm skint.
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all,and many more to come.
    Now look at the postage I've saved.
  2. who has more info on V Force 1945.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forever Young View Post
    try this link Hoggie....
    Cheers mate a good read.Surprised at the small
    Groups of military fighting on there own.
    Against the Japs.
  3. accomodation

    Guys I have 2 double rooms going spare for the 10 Miler at the Travelodge including breakfast for Saturday 29th, the cost is 38.65 each plus the 2.00 booking fee, if anyone is interested please email me at or through here.. cheers

  4. Car share Fandance 2014

    If anyone is interested in car sharing, fuel cost only, I'm leaving Fleet area at 0530 Saturday 10th May, returning lunchtime Sunday, I'll be going directly to the RV at Storey Arms car park. Im staying in Derring Lines that evening. So anyone welcome.

    Just PM me or email me

    Best Regards
  5. A Falcon Nesting in a Tree...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit Karson View Post
    easily done matey
    Now where did I put those car Keys
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