View Full Version : IRA Attack on 16 Para Bde 22nd February 1972.

Tommy Simpson
17th February 2016, 10:48
This coming Monday, February 22nd will be the 44th anniversary of the bombing of the 16 Para Bde Offrs mess in which 6 civilian Mess staff & an Army Padre' will killed.

As usual, there will be a small group of people visiting the site to pay their respects, either as individuals or in a group. The site although under demolition, will be accessible all day long.
The actual footprint of the Mess will be turned into a proper garden of remembrance by the developers.

Those who would like to gather with people who were there at the time or lost family or friends are welcome to come along at 1200hrs.
This will last approximately 40 minutes.

There will be a short service of remembrance, an opportunity to lay flowers at the memorial.
Followed by a talk on the events of the day by a soldier who was no more than 50m from the explosion.

There will be a get together afterwards in the Trafalgar Inn Aldershot.
Tea Coffee & something stronger will be available!

A film showing the events of that day & the aftermath will be shown in the pub.

More details here....................


17th February 2016, 10:57
RIP. It's hard to believe its been 44 years.

Dave Burgess
17th February 2016, 17:17

17th February 2016, 18:52
walking towards Officers Mess when the bomb went off

Don the Mod
17th February 2016, 19:57

17th February 2016, 21:21
Remember it well,three minutes earlier I wouldn't be here !

Forever Young
18th February 2016, 00:10
Fox Gym - still remember that day

18th February 2016, 07:34
Rest in Peace was on leave from NI at the time

18th February 2016, 09:19
During 72 there wasn't much activity with the ira in England, and at the time I was in Farnham, heard the explosion. I told those whom I was with that it definitely was a bomb as such, although some said it was a gas explosion. It was indeed a sad day that's for sure.