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14th March 2014, 14:47

Here is outline of events

4 Jun

1400 hrs onwards. Pathfinder Parachute Group drops on to Sannville DZ, from a DC3. This was 8th Bn drop zone during the war.

1800 hrs Putot En Auge. Red Devils, Band

5 Jun

1000 1200 hrs Merville Gun Bty.

1000 1st lift into Ranville DZ by Pathfinder Parachuting Group. DC3

1100 - 2nd lift into Ranville.

1130 - Freefall display into Pegasus Bridge Museum Pegasus Freefall Team (members of Pathfinder Parachute Group)

1430 - 3rd lift into Ranville.

1500 1630 hrs Ranville Main drop by 16 Air Asslt Bde

1700 - Breville X rds, Red Devils & Band.

6 Jun

0900 0930 Wreath Laying at 13th Bn memorial, Ranviile

1100 1230 Memorial Service at CWGC Ranville.

I am also trying to get Jock Hutton to do a Tamden with the Red Devils.

I will be over there from the 1st 8th Jun with Jock Hutton.

18th March 2014, 08:22
Thanks Lance, may see you there.