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Tommy Simpson
26th December 2012, 23:16
Dinner for one.


Freddy Frinton & May Warden.

Dinner for oneThis would be the end of the story of a not very well remembered English comedian, were there not a surprising postscript. In 1963, Frinton's Dinner for One (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Dinner_for_One) was recorded by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Norddeutscher_Rundfunk) (NDR (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/NDR)) German television station, and bizarrely, watching the unsubtitled English language sketch on television subsequently has become a German New Year's Eve (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/New_Year%27s_Eve) tradition, with the short seeing multiple repeats every year from 1972 onwards.[4] (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/forums/#cite_note-guardian-4)[5] (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/forums/#cite_note-slate-5) The role of Miss Sophie was played by May Warden (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/May_Warden).
The television cult (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Cult_television) also caught on in Scandinavia and Dinner for One has been a hugely popular permanent, mandatory institution on Danish, Finnish and Swedish television on New Year's Eve for many years, as well in Belgium in the original version. It became so popular that a Dutch (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Netherlands) version was made with the Dutch actor Joop Doderer (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Joop_Doderer) for Dutch viewers. It is also shown every 23 December on the Norwegian television, (NRK (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/NRK)) and has been shown on the Australian SBS television network on New Year's Eve for at least the last fifteen years. Interestingly the programme and its main actor Frinton are far less well known in Britain (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/UK) than in any of these countries.
Ironically for an actor whose roles often comprised playing a drunk, Frinton was a teetotaller (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Teetotalism), having seen in others the damage that alcohol (http://www.thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk/wiki/Alcohol) could do.

If you've never seen this before, you will piss yourself!

26th December 2012, 23:47

27th December 2012, 10:01
Swedish Television send this every New Years Eve. Have been doing so for as long as I can remember, and the first time I saw it was 1975. They really go a bundle on it:D

Apparently there is a new -German- version...

Just looked it up. They have been sending it every New Years Eve since 1969. 19:45 hrs to 20:00 again this New Years Eve

This is the version they send every year. English with Swedish subtitles

27th December 2012, 13:45
Me Dad used to watch his films, tears would be running down his cheeks with laughter, was he also the one who dressed up as a druken sailor asking for a light for his cig??

Pat Harley
27th December 2012, 14:12
No Smokey,that would be Don!:Sword:

27th December 2012, 19:26
The family used to watch Freddie and Thora Hird in that early 60s sitcom "meet the wife". It was one of the few occasions that I remember the grown ups laughing together. Naturally I was too young to get the jist of what it was all about.Freddie as a drunken sailor asking for a light to his busted cigarette was good clean fun and being the professional comedian that he was , he knew how to milk it for maximum laughs.

Pat Harley
27th December 2012, 21:25
So it wasn't Don then?drinking1

27th December 2012, 22:34
it might have been don....... I know he used to hang around matelot bars when on course down at Chatham.

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fuk it i must be on the wrong site:stephen:

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Looks like we have been "Hacked"billS,and i never felt a thing!!!!

Tommy Simpson
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Looks like we have been "Hacked"billS,and i never felt a thing!!!!

We must've been!

Very strange!

Don the Mod
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He's binned now Tug.