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17th July 2021, 18:01
Hi Don, today I bumped into an ex 9 Sqn bloke on Birchington sea front, do you know of any other 9 Sqn blokes in the Birchington Area ? About a 6 months ago I bumped into another one at Minnis Bay, he was called Dave with a foreign sounding second name and had a black Labrador with just three legs, he must have been 9 Sqn with that sort of description !

Dave Burgess
17th July 2021, 19:31
Was his dog called Jake Bob?

18th July 2021, 12:59
Funny though Dave, despite just having three legs, he seemed happy enough and was running about with the other two as happy as Larry !

Don the Mod
20th July 2021, 21:48
Don't know of any other Sqn called Dave in that area Bob.

20th July 2021, 22:21
Said he was in about 2008 - 2013 Don, so I wouldn't have a clue about that period mate. If I bump into him again I'll ask him a few questions you never know he might be genuine enough !