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5th March 2021, 12:34
PM Messages also seem to have been affected by this latest glich in the system, can't seem to be able to bring the system up to allow you to post anything !

Pat Harley
5th March 2021, 20:02
Also 'notifications',so anyone 'likes' a post and you check it,all you get is gobbledygook!

Dave Burgess
5th March 2021, 20:23
PM also deffo fukked!

6th March 2021, 00:41
Reply with quote is fecked to. DB what's Boris J done ?

6th March 2021, 13:03
Classic Rubber Dick lads.

Dave Burgess
6th March 2021, 13:14
Entered Hairstyle Of The Year av erd Taff. Tha cud use the silly kunt az a mop

7th March 2021, 10:51

Annie Lewis
9th April 2021, 18:50
Patience - a fix is in progress!

Dave Burgess
9th April 2021, 19:34
Ope so Annie, a cud do wi one!

9th April 2021, 20:09
Nobody ever likes the gobbledygook i write so I dont experience the issue you mention.....

9th April 2021, 20:10
Nobody ever PMís me so I donít experience the issue you mention.....

10th April 2021, 15:10
PMs very handy thing Kev, especially if you want to give someone your phone number, email address, etc. Because you don't want somebody who isn't a site member getting hold of it mate.

Kit Karson
10th April 2021, 16:25
Why would anyone bother to use pm in here... We slag off each other to our faces.. Or rather profiles.... Unless your arranging something illicit there is no need... That's my input... Anyone want to argue then pm me...

Dave Burgess
10th April 2021, 19:25
Must admit Dave that I use PM to arrange dangerous liasons wi Chris (Treemsn) in the Market Tavern, Durham. but I,m afraid I can,t disclose the contents of our conversations as it,s strictly censured.

10th April 2021, 21:09
PM, PM, what the f**k is PM, post mortem by perchance?

Kit Karson
10th April 2021, 21:52
Pm pm my kingdom for a pm.... Dave, I know nothing...

11th April 2021, 09:59
Pissing myself

Kit Karson
11th April 2021, 10:59
You always do Taff

Dave Burgess
11th April 2021, 11:48
Only time a gerra lob on these days!

11th April 2021, 17:41
PM? Parachute Malfunction? Bad!

Kit Karson
11th April 2021, 17:54
Parachute missing... Even worse

Taff Loxton
12th April 2021, 16:03
PM me the details KIT !!!

Annie Lewis
16th April 2021, 10:02
awww ((hugs))

Kit Karson
16th April 2021, 18:13
Are we fixed yet? Yes we nearly are! Bob gonna build us a new forum when he finds his hard hat....

16th April 2021, 21:00
We are not thugs Annie

Kit Karson
16th April 2021, 23:47
Dislexia is an airborne trait....

17th April 2021, 15:04
Abandon hope all you who enter here !

Dave Burgess
17th April 2021, 19:35
O thaa torkin about our gaff Bob? On a serious note, owz tha pay thi subs Don? Duz tha pay via "Donate"? Prefer Paypal if poss, but cud send the ackers ta your addy if tha prefers. Just checked mi jam jar on the mantlepiece n deffo gorinuff ackers.

Don the Mod
18th April 2021, 07:38

The British Airborne Forces Club Lloyds Bank Sort code: 30-90-09 a\c No: 30516068. Or, if you prefer PP paypal@thebritishairborneforcesclub.co.uk **at the submit stage, please change to the 'pay family and friends' option, that way we will not be charged a fee. Please include your Membership No, Name, and Username in the note.

Dave Burgess
18th April 2021, 11:09
Cheers Don