View Full Version : Where is.DB

7th November 2020, 13:19
Anybody heard from DB, unusual by his absence !

7th November 2020, 13:33
Probably in the shit again, been busy filling sandbags and digging a slit trench no doubt

7th November 2020, 20:15
Hope he's okay, not like him not to put a joke or two up !

Kit Karson
7th November 2020, 20:38
1 Para.... Non conformist.... Sure he'll be back soonest

Pat Harley
7th November 2020, 22:02
Scarlet Pimpernel,or pimp of some kind anyway!

7th November 2020, 22:17
Come on Dave , where the feck are ya ?

8th November 2020, 14:15
Anybody heard from DB, unusual by his absence !
Bob PM

Forever Young
9th November 2020, 04:38
Hope he's not gone walkabout to London again

Dave Burgess
10th November 2020, 19:30
"Semen Stains reporting for duty Sir!" Found out last week that standing bollock naked in the garden at midneet introducing mi laptop to mi owd mate sledgehammer dunt du much fer thi communication options, but that,s another jackonary. Thanks ta Don n iz patience wi a thick kunt like me av managed ta get mi owd gas fired laptop up n runnin. Cheers Don, very much appreciated!