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Don the Mod
17th March 2020, 13:29
Gent's Fandance has been postponed.

Fandance 2020
Under the current Covid-19 issues it is in the best interests of everyone that the event is postponed.
I realise that many of you won’t like this decision but, believe me, it is the right choice. Quite apart from the instructions of the Govt., I have seen the Pathology of this virus and it’s affects on the lungs - it’s overwhelming and not something that anyone wants to catch and pass on.
So, by making the decision now many of you will be able to be reimbursed for your accommodation. Postponing means that, hopefully, the virus peak expected between May and June will be avoided.
Nick and I will work together to re-arrange the event if possible but that is unlikely to be before July/August. As the virus may revisit in the winter months the 10 Miler may also be a victim - we live in uncertain times. One thing is certain though, this virus, for which there is currently no vaccine or cure, is deadly.
Keep safe everyone.

Pat Harley
17th March 2020, 17:10
Every cloud and all that,this might mean I'll be able to attend a later event,as I have a (possible) wedding to attend in May. That's if the Covid doesn't get me of course!

Dave Burgess
17th March 2020, 19:31
Tha gerrin Sam n Harry,d Pat?

Pat Harley
17th March 2020, 20:55
No,TLO's oldest son is,though it's in doubt now if the government ban gatherings and non essential travel. Also their honeymoon,in Bali via Singapore looks iffy!

Dave Burgess
17th March 2020, 21:07
That destination deffo looks iffy Pat, worra bastard fer em. Mind you, the way things o guin the Market Tavern in Durham iz lookin iffy!

18th March 2020, 01:28
I'll bring my chainsaw; we'll get in one way or another.

Forever Young
18th March 2020, 03:53
Very sensible decision Don

Taff Loxton
22nd March 2020, 23:30
I Concur !!

23rd March 2020, 07:40
I Concur !! this isn't the time to be playing conkers, Taff.

Pat Harley
23rd March 2020, 08:20
Maybe the season's different in Welsh Wales!

Kit Karson
23rd March 2020, 10:22
Must be a dyffid peculiarity... Always wanted to use that word in here.. Taff thanks for affording me the opportunity..

Dave Burgess
23rd March 2020, 10:34
Fukkin ell! be a few thousand up ere gaffless after the battlecruisers foorced ta shut, cos tha can gu inta Sunderland az early az 10 am any day n the alehouse iz packed wi piss ee-ads!