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17th May 2019, 00:34
There is a gathering in Durham Market Square this coming Saturday, in support of Soldier F. 11 am start; berets and insignia to be worn. All ex Forces welcome. If you can't make it, please spread the word.

Dave Burgess
18th May 2019, 10:46
Bi on the choo choo ta Edinburgh Chris at 11, so practicin me chat up lines n romantic side. "Put that fukkin fryin pan down!"

25th May 2019, 00:14
Enjoy Dave !

Pat Harley
25th May 2019, 10:08
No sign of Dave for a week now,so maybe she didn't relinquish her grip on the frying pan! Time to start looking under the patio methinks!:eek-new:

25th May 2019, 23:59
No; the silver tongued treasure hunter has most likely charmed her back into a wonderful future together and they have booked the hotel room for another week. He'll turn up soon with a big smile on his face.

Kit Karson
26th May 2019, 02:25
Or a smacked arse... and a big smile on his face...drinking1

14th October 2019, 15:57
What time is kick off for London demo this Saturday coming gents?.

5th November 2019, 19:38
What is happening with soldier F these days. Anybody know ?