View Full Version : Airborne Coffee

23rd April 2019, 21:34
Just received this pouch of coffee from Paul Blissett, never seen it before. Only thing is I've got to buy a cafetière to brew the coffee as I'm normally a tea man. Anybody else tried it ?


23rd April 2019, 22:38
Bog roll in freezer :mad:

Pat Harley
24th April 2019, 09:55
Never drunk coffee myself,but that could be a reason to take it up!:free:

24th April 2019, 09:58
Is it full of Shergar shit?

24th April 2019, 10:52
Haven't opened it yet Gil. Could be dehydrated rabbit shit, but no doubt we've all drunk worse in our time. Let you know when I purchase a cafetière .