View Full Version : Fandance Sponsorship sheet

Don the Mod
2nd April 2017, 17:28
Gent's if you are going to the Fandance and want to get some sponsorship I have attached a sheet to this post. If you have difficulty downloading it let me know and i'll email it you.


Don the Mod
26th April 2017, 14:07
Don't forget to download your sponsor sheets lads.

You can also get a bid in for this BAFC pen made and donated by Jim Queen who is 9Sqn. If you're interested in one, Jim can make them for any AB unit.


Forever Young
26th April 2017, 14:13
I'm still waiting for Pat to sponsor me on the trip over (all expenses paid) but not heard from him as yet:cool: I mean he needs a good 2 Para stalwart to get him up that we hill:cool: