Fandance Accomodation

If you are a paid-up Airborne Member of the club you are entitled to free accommodation whilst in Brecon attending the Fandance event.

Please complete the form below – only one form can be accepted per member and there is a maximum of 60 beds.  You need to bring your own bedding (Green Maggot is best) and a padlock if you intend to store anything of value to you when you are not in the room. The cookhouse operates a pay-per-meal system, timings are published on the board in the block.

When you arrive at Dering Lines please report to the Guardroom and complete the visitor process.  Patience may be required and an orderly queue should be observed.  When you have been processed please move directly to the accommodation as directed.  Private vehicles can be parked on the square behind the accommodation and you should display the car park pass clearly in your windscreen at all times whilst on camp. Your name will be clearly written on the chalkboard outside of the room you have been allocated – please do not use any other room than your allocated room.

At all times please observe courtesy and sensible behavior.  If you do cause any damage please advise the person designated as I/C Room who will then advise the Chairman or Deputy Chairman.  Remember, if it’s an accident that’s fine, if it’s anything else you won’t use the facility again and you’ll be asked to pay for any damage.

Remember, this accommodation is free and is a club benefit for all members – please respect the place and enjoy your stay.

There are 60 spaces, first come first served.


Fandance Booking

  • Accommodation Booking for Fandance – Free accommodation for club members AB only.