British Airborne Forces Club memorial bench

The Committee made a decision to liaise with Tommy Simpson and enquire about the Club having our own bench placed in Aldershot Military Cemetery.
As a result of our enquiries I authorised the purchase and we now have our own Club bench in the cemetery and this will have plaques to commemorate the Fallen placed on it through Tommy and Stace and the Memorial Fund.
Many thanks to Tommy for arranging this.
This is all part of the Club ethos and I’m sure you’ll all support this purchase.
Many thanks
Nick Butler

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We can only fund projects like this and the assistance we give to our airborne brothers in need through the membership fees, donations and fundraising which, owing to COVID, you will appreciate has been severely curtailed over the past year or so.
If you want to renew your membership, you can renew (£10/yr) by making a payment to;
The British Airborne Forces Club
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a\c No: 30516068.

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