BAFC AGM 2019 – Minutes

British Airborne Forces Club

Annual General Meeting 1500 Hrs, Saturday 18th May 2018

Brecon Rugby Club

Apologies for Absence: Denzil Connick, Don Stewart


1. The Chairman opened the meeting at 1500 hrs and advised the members present that the previous minutes and the AGM agenda had been posted on the BAFC website prior to the AGM. No one present wished to raise any matter arising from previous minutes. A vote was proposed that the minutes were an accurate reflection of the previous AGM:

Proposed: Mitch Reade Seconded: Pete North Result: Carried

2. A statement by the Treasurer (Elect) was read out by George Pullen regarding the financial position of the club and that there was a positive balance of £23,012.90

3. A statement from the membership Officer was read out in his absence by the Chairman.

Total membership of the club is 1033, 52 joining since May 2018. However, only 295 are paid up. The Chairman made the point that, not for the first time, he was raising the possibility of removing unpaid members from the roll. Members from the floor highlighted the membership subscription is £10, the price of a few pints. 760 members are not paying and that is a loss to the club of £7600 per annum. 295 of us pay which goes to pay for our events. Although your membership is not directly linked to the club supporting you in a time of need, I think it would be disingenuous for a non-paying member to ask the club to help.

4. A statement by the Welfare Officer was read out in his absence by the Deputy Chairman.

There are a number of on-going cases. Before Xmas 2018, the club assisted Gus Hales (ex-9 Sqn) with some money (£648.98) for accommodation costs following his hunger strike.

5. A vote of thanks to the RQMS (WO2 Andy Key) for his kind support of the club by providing accommodation within Dering Lines.

Proposed: Terry Bowling Seconded: Dave Kay Result: Carried

6. Committee Changes

Gary Sturge (Deputy Chairman) and Gerry Cox (Treasurer) stepped down from their posts this AGM. I personally would like to thank both of them for energy, willingness and outstanding contribution to the club. The club presented a Pegasus and Bellerophon statue to both Gerry and Gary in recognition of their efforts.

The role of Treasurer was immediately transferred to George Pullen. This left the role of Deputy Chairman and a Media Officer still vacant. There was also the main role of Chairman that becomes vacant in 2020.

The Chairman asked if there were any nominations for the posts mentioned: Nomination Nominated By: Seconded By: Result:

Ian Thornton (Deputy) Stu Pearson Eric Maynard Carried Nick Butler (Chairman) Ray Larkin Paul Read Carried

Thorny will commence his role immediately, Nick will commence his role following the AGM 2020.

Jock Love offered his services as Media Officer but was not formally nominated. in the meantime, as Chairman (Elect), Nick will liaise with Jock and current Chairman to outline and define responsibilities and be formally nominated in 2020.

Congratulations and well done to the new members of the committee.

7. Arnhem Bike Ride

Gary Sturge gave a short explanation about the ride, it’s intended route, the riders and where the ride would end.

The plan is for the ride to finish on Friday morning (20th September) on John Frost Bridge.

8. Any Other Business


There being no other business the meeting closed at 1527.

Phil Probets