Past History

The club really starts its beginnings as the FOC (Fellowship of Old Comrades) which dates back to the 90’s.

In 2006, the club took a new direction under the Chairmanship of David (Smokey) Smith. Smokey addressed a number of fundamental issues with the running of the club and a new committee was proposed and voted in. During Smokey’s tenure the club began to focus on the support of serving ex-serving members of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces. Throughout the Afghan Campaign Smokey was tirelessly liaising with the Battalion Families Officers to see what help the club, with its limited resources, could do to help the injured lads arriving back to the UK. Trips to Birmingham and Headley Court with laptops or whatever the guys needed to communicate with families and friends were purchased from the club’s funds.

We are all pleased and proud that some of the injured guys that the club helped are now members.


Going Forward

Smokey stood down in 2013 and I am honoured to have been voted in as the new Chairman and to take Smokey’s legacy forward.

Our club will continue to welcome any bone-fide member or ex-member of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, we have guys from nearly every unit within the old 16 Para Bde and now we are gaining membership from today’s ranks in 16AA Bde. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly provide assistance to serving or non-serving Airborne Brothers. Our funds are gathered from subscriptions and donations but we are first and foremost a members club and we hold events twice a year that re-trace our younger steps but at a much slower pace! Our gatherings are informal and there is no hierarchy, we are all one of the lads – regardless of what rank we once held… Join us here.

Phil Probets