Our Constitution

The British Airborne Forces Club (BAFC)

Club Constitution



To promote the fostering of links between serving and ex serving members of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, by way of annual activities and by use of the club website (www.bafc.org.uk) and other social networks.

To try to relieve, either generally or individually, persons who are serving or who have served in The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces or the dependents of such persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.



The BAFC will ALWAYS remain independent of any other Airborne associations and Organisations



The committee shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Maintain the website club website (bafc.org.uk)
  2. Organise annual events
  3. Arrange a conference of the membership to be known as the AGM.
  4. Raise subscriptions, funds and invite and receive contributions provided that, in raising those funds, BAFC shall not undertake any external trading activities and shall conform to any requirements of law.




Membership to the BAFC is open to any serving or non-serving members of The Parachute Regiment, Airborne elements of Support Arms and SAS only.  Membership will not be extended to branches of the Navy or RAF.

Potential members of the club will need to register through the club’s website, they will not be full members until they have been confirmed as having passed P Coy, BPC and subscribed £10 for the annual membership fee.  The registration process is explained on the BAFC website.

Once verified and extended full membership rights, Members will have full access to BAFC website and have the right to vote at the AGM, wear the insignia of the club, take part in polls or any other benefits associated with membership.

Affiliate membership is agreed by the committee based upon the circumstances or benefits of having those individuals associated with the club.  Affiliate membership is open to the families of both serving and non-serving members of BAFC and The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.  They will enjoy all the benefits of the club as non-members together with restricted access on the BAFC website.  Affiliate membership is free.



Registration to the website www.bafc.org.uk is open to any serving or non-serving individual from The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces or their dependents. Part of the registration process is clearance by the Membership Officer by proof of a workable email address and the essential security clearance.

Non Airborne supporters of the club are welcome, once accepted they will have access to all the pages except for the Airborne Only Pages.



The committee may expel or suspend anyone who, in the view of the committee, has been guilty of bringing the name of the club into disrepute, endangers the benefits of fellow members by their actions or by acting against the website’s terms of service (TOS).  A person who is expelled or suspended will have the right to appeal to the membership via a poll on the club website.  They should submit a written plea of mitigation or denial so that it can be posted for members to read and vote upon.  The member’s decision is final.



The current cost of membership to the BAFC is £10 per annum.



A committee shall control the affairs of the club and website and currently consists of the following posts:


Deputy Chairman



Welfare Officer

Membership officer

The committee shall communicate regularly and effectively by all possible means to ensure that the security and functions of the club and website are fit for purpose.



The election of the Chairman will be made by the members.  Members will be asked to vote at the AGM for the candidate of their choice.  Those unable to attend the AGM may send their vote for a candidate via proxy to the Deputy Chairman who, as the person responsible for the election, will announce the result of the combined votes.  If a sitting Chairman is challenged with a vote of no confidence (25% of the membership required) he will step down and the Deputy Chairman will take control until the members have voted to keep or replace the incumbent Chairman.  The Deputy Chairman will assume the role of Chairman until new candidates, elections and votes have been cast.

A Chairman will stand for election for two terms only (maximum 6 years) after which he will step down.  He may be elected to a different role on the committee but will not be able to stand for the role of Chairman again.  If no person puts themselves forward for election to Chairman then the Deputy Chairman shall assume the role until the next election in 3 years.

The election of the committee will be held every 3 years at the AGM.  The website will be the vehicle for proposals where the membership may put forward names for any post or simply re-elect the current serving members.



The AGM shall take place annually, normally during the afternoon of FANDANCE at a time and place decided on by the committee and relayed to the membership via the BAFC website.

The Chairman is responsible for advertising the AGM and inviting the membership to put forward points they may wish to be included within the AGM agenda.  This process is to be completed no less than one month prior to the Fandance date.



The constitution may be amended at any time to ensure that it accurately reflects the objectives, activities, Committee composition and duties or discipline of the club.  A vote will be taken at either the AGM or by way of an extra special vote by use of the website. The latter will normally be used in special circumstances or after amendments passed at the AGM.



The funds of the BAFC shall be obtained from:

  • Subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Dedicated Events
  • Raffles & Auctions
  • Interest received from club account(s)



The Treasurer shall post the state of the club account on the website Business Room at the end of every month.

The Chairman is accountable for the use of the Chairman’s annual discretionary fund (£250).

A receipt for any payments to the club will always be issued to the person making the payment.

The treasurer will provide copies of the accounts at the AGM.

Any raffle or auction will, in conjunction with the treasurer, have two (2) witnesses to count any monies and the total shall be announced to the membership by way of the website.

There are three bank accounts and one PayPal account held by the club:


  1. Lloyds Banking Group

There is a BAFC main holding account and 2 fundraising accounts.  There are two signatories, only one signatory of the two will be required to withdraw or transfer funds. The two signatories shall be The Treasurer and The Chairman.  The Treasurer and Chairman both have access to the clubs accounts via Electronic Banking and the Chairman may obtain the bank card and PIN if necessary.


  1. PayPal Account

The account allows the club to collect money online for overseas Subscriptions and donations only.  All UK subscriptions and donations should be made via the club Holding Account.  The PayPal account is administered by the Treasurer and he and the Chairman have sole access to the account. The Membership Officer is able to view this account to assist in tracking membership subs. The Treasurer transfer’s money to the Holding account as and when there is a large sum awaiting transfer.



Funds as a charitable donation will only be withdrawn for any case after a vote by the club has been passed.  The only exception to this rule is where time is critical, and under the direction of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman, a written instruction is issued to the Treasurer.

The committee of the BAFC will ensure that the clubs funds are deposited with reputable financial institution(s) or service(s) that provides and best serves the functions and ROI for the club.

Any money that is used by the club in its function (i.e. direct or indirect costs together with donations or financial support) shall be posted on the website in the Monthly accounts.





Ultimately responsible to the members for the conduct and performance of those elected to the committee.

  • Responsible for executive decisions in the operation and future direction of the club in conjunction with the committee and wishes of the membership.
  • To hold a conduct review of any member who, in the view of the committee, may have brought the club and its members into disrepute. To act in a fair manner and to give the right of reply to any allegation brought against a club member(s).  With all the evidence gathered, to act both fairly and proportionately, to arrive at a decision that best suits the club and its members.
  • To advertise and conduct an AGM.
  • To ensure the minutes of the AGM are recorded and placed in the website Business Room.
  • To assist the committee in their duties.
  • To liaise with ABF units, other Airborne clubs, charities and websites to further the objectives, functions and benefits of membership.



  • To deputise for the Chairman and his duties at club events, as outlined above and other meetings or gatherings organised by or for the club.
  • To ensure the smooth and uninterrupted business of the club and to deputise, by making executive decisions for club in the absence or unavailability, for whatever reason, of the Chairman.
  • To support the Chairman, Committee and Members in any way as the need arises.



  • To manage the club account and to prove the account at any time to any member.
  • To ensure the security and banking of any monies received for the club.
  • To make and account for payments from the club accounts.
  • To produce at the end of each month the current state of the account by way of the website Forum BUSINESS ROOM.
  • To produce, upon request, the club accounts and receipts in and out of the account for the previous year at the AGM.
  • To ensure, in conjunction with the Membership Officer, that subscriptions are accurate and paid to the club promptly and by the most efficient and cost effective means.
  • To advise the club of any donations received.




  • To provide funding and other support guidance to the Committee
  • To liaise, as requested, with individuals seeking club assistance
  • To liaise, where necessary, with other support agencies to assist individual cases
  • To give updates to the committee on current cases
  • To liaise with The Treasurer where payments have been agreed




  • To keep accurate membership records by liaising with The Treasurer
  • To keep membership records in a secure place and back up the online database regularly.
  • To maintain the online database accurately and provide access only to those necessary persons.
  • To advise the Webmaster on all matters related to the website.
  • To enrol registration to the club once all security obligations are met.
  • To enable verified member’s access to the full website.
  • To give passwords to members who have forgotten them.
  • To ensure, in conjunction with the committee, that the websites terms of service (T.O.S.) are adhered to.
  • To provide evidence in cases where withdrawal of membership are being considered in matters relating to the website.
  • To undertake the verification of new members by using all the clubs resources and members to ensure that only bone-fide AB members are given membership status.