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Thread: 3 Nurses

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    3 Nurses

    3 Nurses walk inta the hossy morgue n notice a geezer lyin on the slab wi a massive ard on.
    First nurse sez, "Look at the size o that, pity ta waste." so she drops er clouts n rides im.
    Second nurse, mouth watering duz the same.
    Third nurse sez, "I,d luv to burram on me period", but changes er mind, sez "Fukk it!" n jumps on.
    When she,d finished, geezer jumps up smiling.
    Nurses scream, "We thought you were dead!"
    Geezer sez, "I wuz, burrafter a jump start n blood tranfusion, I feel fukkin great!"

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    Re: 3 Nurses

    Ian Russell - Still 2 Fighting Fit Downunder

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