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Thread: I almost forgot to post it

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    I almost forgot to post it

    Picked this up from a forma school pupil, and thought you may be interested.

    I forgot to forget any more

    I forgot to forget the things I forgot
    I had put them on facebook in case
    Others remembered to forget my post
    so I am putting stuff here in its place

    I don't care who forgets to remember
    nor care less for the ones that ignore
    What I write is for me not to forget
    for often I lose track of the score

    Forgotten forgets are so easy forgot
    that I no longer remember to store
    My head is so full of things I forgot
    there's no room to forget any more
    Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam
    A Great Civilization is not Conquered from without
    Until it has destroyed itself from within

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    Re: I almost forgot to post it

    Like when Val questions me John, I can remember fukk all!

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