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    Seeking Help

    Hello there,
    First off I have to tell you that I am not a member of the armed forces but have joined here to ask for your help. This is the only location I can post here but this is a genuine call for help from you lads.

    See my wife Sonya lost touch with her father when she was young when her parents broke up. She has been searching for him for a long time and only today came upon a thread in this very forum.

    We believe that Joe Murtagh in this thread is her father.

    If this is the same Joe Murtagh who lost his brother Michael in Northern Ireland to a bomb attack then we are hoping that some of the kind members here that know him can help us to reunite Joe with his daughter (and my wife) Sonya before it's too late.

    Here is a brief history:
    Sonya was in her late teens when her parents Joe and Josephine broke up and Josie came back to Ireland with Sonya. Sonya visited Joe a few times but when Joe had his first heart attack she was forbidden by her mother to visit. As Sonya lived at home she was under her mothers roof and her mothers rules. Her family also refused to help and no one would lend her the money to travel to Blackburn to visit him. Since then all contact has been lost.
    I met Sonya 9/10 years ago (we are now married 5 years) she has been searching for any contact with Joe or his siblings Bernard, Christopher, Hilda and Patricia without luck. She tried all the usual sources, Facebook, and so on.
    When Soyna's mother passed away 5 years ago, Soyna's family took charge and threw away all letters or documents that Josephine had in relation to Joe. Sonya had no way to contact Joe at all and all Sonya has is 1 or 2 old black and white photos of them together before the break up and a photo of her uncle Michael.

    Please if someone can help then let me know. If you can PM me with some contact detail such as a phone number or something.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Dave Heffernan.

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    Re: Seeking Help

    Email inbound.

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    Re: Seeking Help

    I could be wrong, but we had a pte Murtagh in 15 PARA as a recruit. I remember him saying that his dad was ex Reg. So there is a possibility that if the same guy that he ended up in NE Scotland about 20yrs ago.

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    Re: Seeking Help

    Thanks you very much for your help.
    Kindest regards
    Dave and Sonya

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    Re: Seeking Help

    sent e-mail to you Dave and Sonya

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