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  1. Never heard of them Billy - our house prices did rocket a fair bit but have flattened out again if you want to keep an eye on the market all round Oz have a look here
  2. reference the construction comment a big construction coy the last time i was in adelaide is called world construction i was wondering if they are still there. we already have bought a beach house on top sail island NC, of course it needs work but it's all about timing. we have been watching the house prices in australia the areas we are familiar with qld 4163,4164 etc the prices are scary lol. hope you and yours are well and are enjoying yer weekend aye billy
  3. Bet you move again just after you finish the renovations. Not sure what you mean by the construction comment?
  4. love the good ole boys we are in spring now yesterday 80 today much the same. wee mary and i are still very busy renovating this house hope to finish in the next few months. is world construction still based in your area?
  5. Hey Billy, all is well mind its getting cold now creeping into winter 18 deg. C today bloody cold! How's things your end in the land if The Good Ole Boys? and Wee Mary is keeping you busy
  6. hi mate good to see you on this link hope all is well in the city of churches
  7. Wondered when you would get on here Billy
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