The British Airborne Forces Club

Annual General Meeting

1530 Hrs, Saturday 20th May 2017

 Brecon Rugby Club

Order of Business


  1. That the minutes from the previous meeting on 21st May 2016, as posted on the club website, are accurate. Seconded:
  1. The Treasurer’s statement regarding the financial position of the club read by Gerry Cox, Treasurer.
  1. A statement by the Chairman regarding current and future offerings and needs regarding technology and access to the club Website, Future of the forum, Facebook and Twitter pages. I will also discuss the future of polling as a way of making club decisions.
  1. A statement by the Membership Officer with the number of current members and increase/decrease over the last 12 months.
  1. Vote of thanks to the RQMS @ SoIBS (WO2 Pete Jamieson) for his kind support of the club by providing accommodation within Dering Lines throughout his tenure. We wish him every success in his promotion and new post as WO1 (RSM) 4 PARA (V).
  1. Chairman’s Annual Statement

7. Vote by members to extend current committee tenure to May 2020:

Gary Sturge – Deputy Chairman*

Gerry Cox – Treasurer

Don Stewart – Membership Officer

Denzil Connick – Welfare Officer

*Gary will step down this year if there is someone who would like to consider taking on this role.  Please speak to Gary if you’re interested.  Otherwise, Gary will still put himself forward for nomination and election.

There is a new role that I like to create of Media Officer.  The club has expanded in membership and profile and that means that our Marketing of events and club news needs uploading and reporting on the Website.

I’d be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to undertake this role – I realise that this role might not be in everyone’s skill set so I could extend this role to family and friends who are IT/Media savvy.

  1. Any other business (please advise the Chairman in advance where possible)