The British Airborne Forces Club

Annual General Meeting

1530 Hrs, Saturday 19th May 2018

 Brecon Rugby Club

Order of Business


  1. That the minutes from the previous meeting on 20th May 2017, as posted on the club website, are accurate.


  1. The Treasurer’s statement regarding the financial position of the club read by Gerry Cox, Treasurer.


  1. A statement by the Chairman regarding current and future offerings and needs regarding technology and access to the club Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. Adoption of a new post on the Committee of Media Officer. This position will control, via the Deputy Chairman, all external marketing and the events of the club and will report to members annually at the AGM.  Other responsibilities will be the club website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The club is currently seeking someone to fulfil this role and hopefully that person will be formally nominated by the Chairman to the members at the AGM.


  1. A statement by the Membership Officer with the number of current members and increase/decrease over the last 12 months.


  1. Vote of thanks to the RQMS @ SoIBS (WO2 Andy Lamont) for his kind support of the club by providing accommodation within Dering Lines.


  1. Arnhem Bike Ride 2019


There will be another Arnhem Bike Ride in 2019, organised by Jim Kelly, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Arnhem Landings.  There will be another large contingent of riders from the ABF taking part alongside ex-Rugby Players.  I will invite Jim to stand up and explain the event to the members.


  1. Airborne Soldier Statue.


Tommy Simpson and Richard Stacy have negotiated the erection of an Airborne Soldier Statue in the grounds of the Garrison Church, Aldershot.  There is now a £60k fund being raised to pay for this.  Much work has been done by both Tommy and Stace to make this happen.  There is a good deal of information available on Facebook and I would invite members to access the Facebook page at The Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces Memorial Group.  I will ask Tommy to stand up and speak about this worthy project and, once finished, members will be asked to vote in support a monetary pledge that is triggered in the event that the fund reaches £45k.


  1. Any other business (by prior consultation with the Chairman)