BAFC AGM 2018 – Minutes

British Airborne Forces Club

Annual General Meeting

1530 Hrs, Saturday 19th May 2018

Brecon Rugby Club


Apologies for Absence:  Denzil Connick




  1. The Chairman opened the meeting at 1533 hrs and advised the members present that the previous minutes and the AGM agenda had been posted on the BAFC website prior to the AGM. No one present wished to raise any matter arising from previous minutes.  A vote was proposed that the minutes were an accurate reflection of the previous AGM:

          Proposed:  I Thornton   Seconded: R Stacey    Result:  Carried

  1. A statement by the Treasurer was read out regarding the financial position of the club and that there was a positive balance of £30,114.95.
  1. The Chairman outlined the need for a new Committee post of Media Officer. The post would be responsible, via the Deputy Chairman, for all internal/external marketing of events across all platforms and would report to the members at the AGM.  The Chairman asked for someone from the floor to propose and second the motion.

         Proposed:  T Bowling       Seconded: S Loxton    Result:  Carried

  1. A statement by the Membership Officer with numbers of current members. There are over 800 members of which only 300 are currently paid members.  The Chairman questioned why, at only £10 per annum, why people didn’t pay and yet attended the club events and enjoyed the atmosphere and freebies?  There was general agreement when The Chairman suggested those who no longer pay should consider if they still want to be members and that their names should be removed from the membership for non-payment of subs.  The Chairman will consult the Committee on how best to approach this issue.
  1. Vote of thanks to the RQMS @ SoIBS (WO2 Andy Lamont) for his kind support of the club by providing accommodation within Dering Lines.

          Proposed by:  Chairman     Result: Unanimous

  1. Arnhem Bike Ride 2019

Jim Kelly was unable to join us for the AGM but Gary Sturge explained that he will be the Committee member assisting Jim with the event.  Gary gave members present a brief outline of how the club will support the 75th Anniversary of the Arnhem Landings.  All proceeds from the event will be given to the BAFC.

  1. Airborne Soldier Statue

Richard Stacey explained the background to the idea to commemorate 50 years of the Parachute Regiment and AB Forces in Aldershot by erecting a statue of an AB Soldier in the grounds of the Garrison Church.  The cost of the statue is in the region of £50k and donations to date were in excess of £31k.

The Chairman explained to the members that he and the Committee had discussed how best the club could support this cause.  The Committee proposed that BAFC pledge funds of £5k toward this statue and the Chairman asked for someone from the floor to propose and second.

      Proposed:  S Loxton           Seconded:  P Heyward   Result:  Carried

  1. Any other business:

Gerry Cox wishes to stand down from the Treasurer role in 2019.  George Pullin will be the new Treasurer from 2019.  Gerry will work with George and support him during the transition and George will formally take over the role after the AGM in 2019.

The club thanks George and others who put themselves forward in support of the club.

Gerry and I have worked very closely since I became Chairman.  Many members don’t know the extra time and commitment that all the committee give to support the club.  I am very grateful to Gerry for all his efforts and support, especially for keeping the club in the excellent                   financial position it enjoys.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 1605.


Phil Probets